September 2011

Dear Parents:

As the school settles down into the first set of assessments, it is an apt time to reflect on the successes that we witnessed over the summer.  Our IB and IGCSE results were absolutely outstanding, as were the university placements and scholarships.  In the IB, 19 of our students scored over 40 points (17% of the class: the world average is 5%).  All subject results were well above the world average and the average IB score was 35 points (equivalent to straight A grades at A-Level).  In the IGCSE we had 103 centums out of 756 papers taken (13% of all papers were marked  100%),  with  67%  of  examinations  taken  being  graded  A*-A,  87%  A*-B  and  98%  A-C, making us without question one of the top IB/IGCSE schools in Asia.  Among our IB toppers were the following fantastic students:

Student IB Points Destination/Subject
Aditya dev Gupta 45 (perfect score) Stanford University/Computer Science
Akshitha Agarwal 44 University of Virginia/Marketing
Aayushi Rai 43 Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin/Medicine
Sireesh Gururaja 43 Columbia University/Physics
Miraj Shah 42 Brown University/Computer Science
Amruta Patel 42 St. Andrews University, Scotland/International Relations and Psychology
Prakriti Paul 42 Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology/Biological Engineering
Radhika Debroy 42 Mt. Holyoke College, Massachusetts/Economics and Management
Tanay Agarwal 42 Emory University/Economics and Physics
Keya Agarwal 41 University of Southern California/Management
Jayaram Sivaraj 41 Trinity College Dublin/Medicine
Rakesh Gowni 41 New York University Stern School of Business/International Business
Chrislyn D’Lima 41 Oxford University/Physics and Philosophy
Aashik Shekharan 40 University  of  California Berkeley/Business and Management
Cherisha Koshy 40 University of Melbourne, Australia/Economics
Hitesh Gulati 40 London School of Economics/Economics
Krithi Bala 40 University of Pennsylvania/Neuroscience and Psychology
Sucharita Krishna 40 University of California SanDiego/Neuroscience
Aparna Krishnan 40 University of Chicago/Biology and Economics
We are extremely proud of all of our students and it was a great pleasure to award the TISB University Scholarship of Rs 5 Lakhs to Aditya dev Gupta.   He was one of only 11 students in Southeast Asia to obtain 45 points out of 4116 candidates.IGCSE toppers include the following outstanding students:

  •  Ishaan Somashekhar: 10 A* and 6 centums.
  • Qi Hui Lau: 10 A* and 6 centums.
  • Kratika Misra: 9A*and 6 centums.
  • Nishant Desai: 9A* and 5 centums.
  • Khushwant James: 9A*.
  • Maitreya Sitaraman: 9A* and 5 centums.
  • Taeuk Kim: 8A*
  • Revant Kunwar: 8A* and 5 centums.
  • Aparna Bagade: 8A* and 5 centums.
  • Krish Bharat: 8A* and 6 centums.
  • Meera Hejmadi: 8A* and 5 centums.

Our  IB  students  accrued  USD  $3.5  million  in  scholarships  (a  school  record).   Our  scholarship toppers include the following gifted individuals, who have garnered enormous scholarship grants from various universities (displayed below are the total scholarship offers for each student from all sources):

  • Sakshi Mittal: $238,800
  • Ramon Dhillon: $204,000Prakriti Paul: $188,000
  • Rakesh Gowni: $168,000
  • Niyati Mohan: $140,000
  • Meenakshi Katragadda: $140,000
  • Radhika Debroy: $111,000
  • Soundarya Shantappa: $104,000

Many congratulations to all of our students for their superb results, placements and scholarships!  It has  been  a  fantastically  successful  year  and  we  look  forward  to  yet  more  successes  in  the future.  Many thanks to all parents and family members for supporting their children and urging them to excel, and of course to the teaching faculty for helping each and every s tudent every step of the way with their preparations for examinations and college placements.

In other news, we have had outstanding results in the International English Olympiad, with Aryehi Bhushan, Chaeyeon Yang, Avni Fatehpuria and Meera Hejmadi ranked no 1 in the state, Nikhil Fernandes ranked no. 2 and Divya Mehta ranked 3.   Sriram Ganesan was ranked no. 3 in the state in the International Mathematics Olympiad.  In the SAT, perfect 800 scores have been obtained in the most recent session by Kushagra Kanoria (two 800s), Shruthi Singapur (two 800s), Shruthi Badri (two  800s),  Parigna  Praveen  (two  800s),  Sharan  Motiani,  Jaehyung  Park,  Aman  Mantena  (two 800s), Vikram Krishnaswamy, Karishma Kewalramani, Abhishek Goenka (two 800s), Tae Young Lee (two 800s), Samir Mathrani, Nipun Parasrampuria, and Devesh Saraf (two 800s).

We welcome to the TISB family 190 new students across all age groups (our total strength is 970), and we have recently inaugurated our new examination centre (seating 250 students) and a new auditorium (400 seats) for smaller scale events such as Primary School Assemblies, College Counseling    presentations, special  lectures and IB and  IGCSE theatre and music performances.  These new facilities are located in the second administrative block, which completes a three-building expansion scheme that was started three years ago.

Many of our students have engaged in challenging summer projects, summer schools, internships and social service initiatives in the community, and I am extremely impressed with the quality of their work and their dedication to service and multidimensional personal growth.  Initiatives have ranged from studies of white-collar employment rates in rural locations, editing an educational magazine, distributing shelter kits to the homeless, raising funds for the victims of the Mumbai bombs, to name but a few.  I commend our students for their drive and initiative.  The three school trips over the holidays—a Spanish language course in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, the National University of Singapore Science Camp, and the US Tour of Universities, were all tremendously successful ventures that will be repeated every summer.  All TISB students should regard the holidays as an opportunity for exciting educational growth.

Our co-curricular activities are in full swing now and new clubs on offer include photography, robotics and Classical Indian Dance.  In the TISB Inter-School Swimming meet we won both the Girls’ and Boys’ competitions by a very wide margin, with Individual Champions including Bhavnanjani Gurijala, Eeshaan Patil, Vaishali Bagrodia, Revant Kunwar and Ishan Pandita.  We took 48 gold medals in the competition.  Amlandeep Bhadra was Champion of the National University of Singapore Summer Science Camp Challenge and Won Kyoung Park was placed 2nd, placing us firmly in the minds of NUS as one of the very top schools in Asia.   Aasritha Nagarajan, Tara Kola and Aparna Krishnan (the latter two from the Class of 2011) have had their first solo Bharatnatyam debut to great acclaim.

In Chess, Arjun Vairavan placed 3rd in the Modern Secondary International FIDE Chess Tournament and had the opportunity to play against the legendary Super Grand Master Garry Kasparov.  Arjun Bharat has set a state record for the largest number of FIDE rating points gained in a single interval, gaining  196  points  at  the  Grand  Master  Tournaments  in  Martigny  and  Biel,  Switzerland,  and winning outright the Junior tournament in Dresden, Germany.  In the Greenwood High Chess tournament the two Arjuns won all of their games and with ample support from teammates Rahul Rathi and Sachin Jajoo TISB won the tournament.

Mayank Mehtani has won the Principal’s Essay competition with a superb essay on ‘The Secret to Success’ and Chaeyeon Yang has won the Principal’s Book Review Competition.  We have had a very successful Creative Technology Summer Camp run by Mr Sandeep Bhagi, former Country Head of Apple India, and will run another course during the Dasara Break.  We have also had a successful SAT summer camp run by the Princeton Review on campus.

We welcome our new Division Captains to their leadership roles and wish them every success in all of  the exciting activities that they will be organizing this year (a list of these  leaders appears below):

Krish Kewalramani Vidisha Agarwal
Nehal Khongbantabam Gandharva Parchuri
Akshay Ladwa Mihika Jalan
Aditya Medasani Divya Mehta
Pranith Polavarapu Avishi Agarwal
Jaehong Lim Aisha Hagen
Arjun Ohri Meghana Sridhar
Ratik Virk Chae Yeon Yang


In Alumni news, Sukhmani Singh (Class of 2011) has scored 90% in the Gemological Institute of America’s Diamond Grading Examination and her sister Sachi (Class of 2007) has written, produced and cast two films (Triveni and To Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi).  Govind Raman (Class of 2010) has been placed on the Dean’s Honor List at Penn State for his excellent work in the Engineering Programme.   Janani  Ramachandran (Class of 2010) has  been elected to  the  Senate  of  Stanford University.   Satyug Singh Tuli (Class of 2006) has topped the MBA programme at Les Roches School of Hospitality, Switzerland and has been named Valedictorian.  Akshay Bareja (Class of 2004)  has completed his D.Phil. in Biological Sciences from Oxford University and is now employed in a post- doctoral position at the Center for Aging and Research at the GSK-Duke Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina.

Preparations for our exciting VIVUM 2011 are well underway and the Class of 2012’s efforts are bound to raise the bar of excellence in this festival to the very highest levels possible.  We wish them great success in their project, which is entirely organized by our IB students.

It has been a wonderful start to the school year, and we also look forward to many exciting events to come, including a German exchange, a Spanish Language course in Spain, US exchange with Nawa Academy, a Himalayan trek, MUN competitions in India and abroad, a Summer Tour of US universities, an IAYP Gold adventure camp in rural Maharashtra, Drama, Art and Music performances and workshops, vast numbers of sports tournaments, Special Lectures (thank you parents for offering your help in this context), business and industrial visits, field trips, Sports Week, special weeks for our academic departments, various academic Olympiads and competitions, and  much,  much  more.   The  calendar  is  absolutely  packed  with  activity  and,  as  ever,  we  are enjoying every minute of it!

Best wishes,






Dr Matthew Sullivan

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