April 2013

April 6th, 2013

Dear Parents:

There is so much to report in this newsletter that I have decided to break it up into sections, so that you can read it in installments!



We are delighted to report that hundreds of superb offers from top universities around the world have already been received by our Grade XII students, including admissions into Princeton University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Brown University, Cornell University, The University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania (including the Wharton School of Business), Wellesley College, Harvey Mudd College, University of California Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, Claremont-McKenna College, Tufts University, Emory University, Duke University, Boston University, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, University College London, Warwick, Durham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, NYU, St Andrews, University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Waterloo, The Royal College of Surgeons (Dublin), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and many, many more.  The complete details will be sent in a separate newsletter in mid-May once all of the admissions have come in.


A very large number of our students have been awarded substantial scholarships from major universities around the world, sometimes truly huge amounts!  The grand total currently stands in the millions of dollars and full details will appear in the mid-May newsletter once all of the data is in.

The National Merit Scholarship Program has commended the following students for their outstanding PSAT scores: Harsha Devaraj, Kavya Garikipati, Chirag Govardhan, Kratika Mishra, Ashish Sharma, Maithreya Sitaraman and Agni Bhattacharya.  Ishan Somshekar and Meera Hejmadi have advanced to the finals of this scholarship competition.

Competitive Examinations


Perfect 800 scores in the SAT have been achieved by the following TISB students: Maithreya Sitaraman (x3), Kavya Garikipati (x3), Aman Fatehpuria (x3), Krishna Chaitanya Aluru (x3), Agni Bhattacharya (x3), Ashish Sharma (x2), Chan Ho Park (x2), Jigar Kothari (x2), Nikhil Rajasubramanian (x2), Utsav Shah (x2), Karan Shishoo (x2), Krish Bharat (x2), Sriram Ganesan (x2), Ishan Somshekar (x2), Keval Hutheesing (x2), Sparsh Agarwal (x2), Karan Arora (x2), Varun Ramesh (x2), Anika Nagpal (x2), Ankitha Mandava (x2), Roohi Dalal (x2), Phalgun Gorukanti, Meera Hejmadi, Sang Hyun Jeon, Aparna Bagade, Teauk Kim, Revant Kunwar, Kratika Mishra, Dhruv Trigunayat, Pranav Sriram, Lakshmi Shanker, Anjali Shankar, Guhan Muruganandam, Yash Lad, Sagar Jajoo, Arun Iyer, Arjun Gandhi, Manu Hegdekatte, Avi Kejariwal, Bhai Jaiveer Singh, Mehul Shankar, Rohan Reddy, Siddhi Doshi, Tuneer De and Kavitha Athalye.


The following students have achieved over 90% in all three elements of the PSAT examination: Parul Agarwal, Karan Arora, Ranvit Bommineni, Basudhara Choudhuri, Roohi Dalal, Tuneer De, Siddhi Doshi, Avni Fatehpuria, Sriram Ganesan, Shuvankar Goswami, Arun Iyer, Sagar Jajoo, Varsha Kishore, Susan Koruthu, Sarayu Krishna, Neeraja Kulkarni, Priyanka Kumar, Raghav Maheshwari, Divya Mehta, Guhan Muruganandam, Anika Nagpal, Varun Ramesh, Sadhana Senthilkumar, Praful Shankar, Bhai Javeer Singh, Chirag Singhvi, Pranav Sriram, Madhumita Bharadwaj, Ramya Devaraj, Varshant Dhar, Raghav Mittal, Raghav Kalra, Nikhil Kolli, Rahul Misra, Derick Pillai, Arjun Sangwan, Kunaal Sharma, Gokul Suresh, Ishaani Ganguly, Arul Gupta, Rohan Kangovi, Pavani Veerisetti and Chaeyeon Yang.


In the PSSS examination taken by 8th graders, toppers were Anjali Singapur (99/97/99), Santosh Karthikeyan (91/99/95) and Trisha Venkatesh (91/94/98).


31 of our students have done so well in the National Science Olympiad that they proceeded to the second round, with Adya Dhuler and Nihar Dalal securing jointly the highest international ranking (33) in the school in round one.  Those ranking in the top 25 in the state (and topping their class) include Adya and Nihar, plus Sanjana Rao, Shanaya Sheth, Trisha Venkatesh, Shuvankar Goswami, Chan Ho Park and Pranav Sriram, while Risheek Chakraborty was a class topper.  In the second round, those ranking in the top 25 in the state included Navyaa Mathur (2), Saaket Jajodia (25), Shanaya Sheth (6), Arushi Gupta (18), Jeemin Kim (24) and Pranav Sriram (4).


15 students qualified for the second round of the International Mathematics Olympiad, with the highest international rank being secured by Junewoo Yoon (5) and Arushi Gupta (36). In addition to these two students, Rahul Rathi and Salil Jajodia, have placed within the top 25 in the state.  Class toppers include Richa Gupta, Aarit Bhatnagar, Ravi Gadgil, Siddhartha Dhanukonda, Pranav Maddali, Junewoo Yoon, Rahul Rathi, Ishani Ganguly and Kijun Yu.  In the second round those achieving a state rank in the top 25 include Ishir Gupta (10), Pranav Maddali (24), Junewoo Yoon (2), Arushi Gupta (20), Salil Jajodia (18), Santhosh Karthikeyan (8) and Kijun Yu (13).


In the International English Olympiad the following students topped their respective classes and came in the top 20 in the state: Shanaya Sheth, Aryehi Bhushan, Gowri Somayajula, Ishani Ganguly, Pavani Veerisetti and James Sullivan.   Ketaki Krishnan also topped her class.  The highest international ranker in the school was Ishani Ganguly (18).



Our annual VIVUM festival was bigger and better than ever with a record sum raised from sponsorship, leading to a fantastic charitable legacy for the class of 2013 to be remembered by, as their hard work has led to so many unfortunate people benefiting from the festival in some way.  The festival itself was dynamic, varied and of ultra-high quality.  21 separate departments created 52 events for 1000 visitors to enjoy.  Our Grade XII students demonstrated tremendous skills in visualization, coordination, communication, synergy and energy creating a superb sense of excitement and fun!  Chief Guests included the boxers Mary Kom and Devendro Singh.  Mr Ajay Dev Gupta, Dr Sudhir Borangha, Mr Vijay Bharat and Mr Sanjay Kalra provided an unforgettable TedX conference full of stimulating and inspiring thoughts.


We have been treated to superb Middle School Arts Showcases displaying students’ accomplishments and talents in music, drama and art, with an extraordinarily wide range of pieces from pop songs to Greek mythology.  The PY multicultural programme was a dazzling display of learning about cultures from all around the world and an unforgettable experience for proud parents.  Our whole school play Oliver! was an absolute triumph of musicianship and acting and provided fantastic entertainment for the entire school community.  There was also a superb performance recently by the primary and senior school students in preparation for the Trinity Speech and Drama examinations.

We are proud to be the first school in India to host a workshop by the International Schools’ Theatre Association and to have carried it off with such aplomb that the officials from the organisation stated that we were the best school they had ever worked with!  The workshop gathered teachers and students from all over the world and culminated in fantastic performances by TISB and Greshams School (UK), not to mention an amazing Hindi version of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night directed by Atul Kumar.


Sampriti Saxena, Navyaa Mathur, Kabir Dabholkar and Arnav dev Gupta topped Bangalore in their respective grade-levels in the Trinity Guildhall Music Examinations, with Arnav being awarded the Good Shepherd Memorial Trophy for the best Grade 8 musician in Bangalore, a truly outstanding achievement!  Sriram Ganesan topped the region with a Grade 8 distinction in Piano and an invitation to perform at the High Achievers Concert in Bangalore.  Sriram is also working towards Grade 8 in classical guitar.  Navyaa Mathur has been invited to take part in a two-week collaborative music mentoring programme called the Canada-India Youth Orchestra Project.  Sandya Kola has achieved an outstanding 142/150 in her Grade 8 violin examination and played at the High Marks Concert at St Marks Cathedral.  Some of our most gifted musicians also performed recently in an excellent recital here at school.


Karan Arora wrote a feature story on social networking for ParentEdge magazine and has founded an after-school teaching programme for underprivileged children called Kids4Kids English Immersion Program, which has attracted press attention. Lakshmi Shanker has won the Principal’s College Essay Prize for her truly scintillating writing about her passion for literature. The Principal’s Photography competition was won by Karan C. Prashanth, with Special Mentions for the photos of Raghav Maheshwari, Ravina Singh, Sarthak Mittal, Amritanshu Kajaria and Saheel Mistry.  The entries were of ultra-high quality, which made for difficult judging.


Sang Hyun Lee, Jinsol Lee and Abhishek Desai will represent TISB in the prestigious Hong Kong Polytechnic Global Business Challenge in Hong Kong this summer.  Amritanshu Kajaria, Krishna Chaitanya Aluru and Arnav dev Gupta represented TISB in the World Robotics Olympiad Finals in Malaysia and were placed 12th in the world.   They had previously secured 3rd place in India.  Sadhana Senthilkumar competed in the national finals of the Moonbots Google X-Prize robotics competition, having competed earlier against 144 teams from 22 countries; her team won the silver medal and has been invited to compete at the European Championship in Germany and the World Championship in St Louis, Missouri.  In the Nasa Ames Space Settlement Design Contest 2013 our TISB team won an Honorable Mention for their settlement plan called RockStar.  Tuneer De won an award for a scientific article on Quantum Teleportation.  He attended the 100th Science Congress in Kolkata and received his award from the former President of India Dr Abdul Kalam.  Arjun Bharat won the Karnataka State Open Rapid Chess Title against fierce competition, addressed the NASSCOM Product Conclave regarding his passion for Chess and won the seniors category of the TISB inter-school chess tournament.  Our chess coach Mr Sushrutha Reddy placed second in the JRD Tata Fide Rating Chess Tournament recently.

MUN, Debate and Public Speaking

In TISBMUN II Angad Ohri, Tuneer De and Roohi Dalal were named Outstanding Delegates and Raghav Kalra was named Best Delegate.  Sasankh Munukutla and Roohi Dalal have been awarded an Honorable Commendation for their outstanding argumentation in the Cathedral High School Model United Nations Competition; Special Mention awards were given to Sagar Jajoo, Tuneer De, Praful Shankar and Chirag Parvangada.  In the Trinity Speech and Drama Examinations 20 of our students obtained Distinctions and 15 Merits, with highest-scorers including Mahima Sharma (95), Ishir Sharma (96), Aarohi Gupta (96) and Smriti Venkatesh (96).  Samridh Saluja has conducted a successful Financial Literacy workshop for young people in his community.  Nidhi Agarwal and Aditi Bhatkhande achieved First Place in the Canadian International School Green Conference debate competition on Preserving India’s Critical Ecosystems.  There have been very stimulating special weeks for Modern Language, Science, English, Math, Social Science and EFL which highlighted the interesting avenues one can explore in these subjects through a wide variety of imaginative assemblies and activities.  In assemblies Sravni Ramkumar, Kanika Vaish and Ashwath Segu delivered an interesting account on their devised play ‘Shut up and Vote,’ which attracted press attention; Maithreya Sitaraman, Ashish Sharma and Karan Shishoo spoke passionately about their ingenious and very practical solution to tomato crop price fluctuation in Karanataka, an idea which is being taken very seriously by the state government; Agni Bhattacharya and Krish Bharat contributed to a presentation on their work on producing alternative fuels through animal fats; Samantha Whiting spoke about her challenging work teaching in local village schools. Our PY Science fair was an amazing opportunity for students to express their understanding of scientific concepts, to demonstrate through experimentation and to field challenging questions from their parents, which they handled with ease and confidence!

Social Service

A group of TISB students once again organised the HOPE Charity run which attracted student, staff and parent participation and raised Rs. 1.5 lakhs to support our CAS centers.  The VIVUM 2012 charity fund raised an amazing sum of over 6 lakhs of rupees for charity, a real triumph of civic-mindedness by our students.  Our CAS trip to rural Rajasthan was a wonderful opportunity for students to understand the concerns and needs of rural people, as was our trip to the Agastya foundation in Andhra Pradesh.  We also participated in the Kanyathon charity run at Kanteerva Stadium for the benefit of underprivileged girl children.  We continue to sponsor heart operations from the VIVUM charity fund for poor children in the villages of Karnataka who have life-threatening conditions.

German Exchange

We have also hosted 25 students from Landau Gymnasium in Bavaria for the second annual German Exchange, which provided much cross-cultural enrichment for s all.

Harker School, California

This week we have welcomed warmly a delegation of students and teachers from one of the top US private schools.  They have joined us in a special assembly and an exciting business competition, field trip and social service trip to the Agastya Foundation.  It has been a great learning experience for all of us.


Cricket:  In the Junior TISB interschool cricket tournament TISB advanced to the finals after an impressive win against NPS Koramangala but were defeated by 14 runs in the finals by Cambridge Public School Tirupati; Shivam Desai was named the Best Batsman of the tournament..  In our Grade 6 and below tournament Johann Joseph was named Most Promising Player of the tournament.  We beat Australian International School Singapore in a friendly match by 78 runs with Rahul Mishra being named Man of the Match with 74 runs and Ashwin Bhat being the Most Promising Player with one stumping and two fine catches behind the wicket.

Tennis:  In the Inventure Sports fest we took bronze, silver and gold in different categories in tennis, with our under-13 girls winning the tournament. In the Stonehill tennis tournament Meera Baid, Ashrita Nagpal and Arjun Ohri took gold; TISB won in the under-10 and under-12 categories.  In the TISB tennis tournament we won in the Grade 6 and below and Grade 9 and below girls categories, with Meera Baid named Most Valuable Player.

Basketball:  In the Vibgyor High interschool basketball tournament for junior boys, TISB were champions with an impressive set of wins against Greenwood High, Capitol School and Vibgyor High, with the final match going to double extra time and Sahil Shah being named Best Player of the Tournament.

Football:  In the Inventure football tournament our under-13 boys took the championship with an exciting 1-0 win over Parikrama, with Richard Sullivan being named Best Player of the tournament. In a recent practice match, TISB senior boys won by 1 goal against South United club.

Swimming:  In the Vibgyor swimming competition Richa Gadgil, Avanti Parkhe and Annika Parkhe  were named Individual Champions.  In the Inventure swimming tournament Shanaya Sheth took three gold medals.  In the Stonehill Swim Gala Krishna Ramalingam placed first in the 50m freestyle event.  In the interhouse girls’ swimming gala, Vaishali Bagrodia, Chetana Thappeta and Shanaya Sheth were Individual Champions; Vaishali set a new meet record in the 25 metres butterfly and Shanaya broke the school record for the 25 metres butterfly and the individual medley.  In the interhouse boys’ swimming gala, Revant Kunwar, Pakdee Tipsukontorn and Vardan Pandita were Individual Champions.  There have also been excellent PY swimming galas that were a joy to watch in a non-competitive environment.

Athletics:  Our sports week culminated in some of the most closely-fought athletics competitions we have ever seen on the fields of TISB, with records being broken by Revant Kunwar (Triathlon), Louis Dujardin (800m), Anirudh Jain (softball throw), Ankitha Mandava (800m and Cross Country), Gandharva Parchuri (shot put), Seong won Jeon (80m hurdles), Manasvi Agarwal (100m), and Devanshi Gupta (400m).   In the PY Sports Day Individual Champions were Ayush Gautham, Liyah Shariff, Nachiket Desai, Kira Redlich, Anshul Vemuri, Seho Hwang, Rohan Ray, Casper Stoddart, Zeenia Shahpurwala, Tushar Chaudhry, Mariah Mathias, Siu Kim and Ananya Lahiri.  New meet records were set by Siu Kim 9 (Shot Put and Long Jump), Rohit Misra (Shot Put), and Ananya Lahiri (Long Jump).

As you can see, it’s been a busy time at TISB and we’ve all had great fun along the way!  Thank you for your continued support of the school.


Best wishes,






Dr Matthew Sullivan


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