May 2010


Dear Parents:

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the huge success of the graduating class of 2010 in their college placements throughout the world. Our graduating class of 105 students has received 507 offers of acceptance from some of the finest universities around the world!


Many students from this batch have been accepted into top-flight institutions around the globe: four have been accepted into The London School of Economics, eight into Imperial College London,  three into The University of Pennsylvania (including one into The Wharton School of Business), five into Carnegie Mellon University, two into Brown University, one into Stanford University, two into Duke University, two into Northwestern University, four into The University of California Berkeley, six into King’s College London, one into Columbia University, two into Harvey Mudd College, twenty-one into University College London, one into The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (the Korean equivalent of IIT), three into McGill University, five into The University of Toronto, fourteen into The University of British Columbia, one into The University of Melbourne and twenty-one into The University of Warwick.


There have been many more successes in at extremely prestigious institutions: one into Georgetown University, three into Babson College (no. 1 in the US for Entrpreneurship), six into The University of Indiana, Bloomington (three of these into The Kelley School of Business), eight into New York University (College of Arts and Sciences), twenty-five into Purdue Unversity, six into The University of California Los Angeles, twenty-three into The University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (ranked no. 3 in Business Entrpreneurship in the US), twelve into Boston University, fourteen into The University of Nottingham, four into The University of Southern California, twelve into The University of Michigan Ann Arbor, four into the University of Texas at Austin, three into The University of Edinburgh, twenty-four into The University of Manchester, two into The University of Virginia and one into Vanderbilt University.


An increasing number of TISB students are interested in gaining admission into highly selective and prestigious small liberal arts colleges which offer the individual attention and intimate, safe learning atmosphere that our students are used to and have enjoyed at TISB. Two of our students have been admitted into Barnard College, four into Scripps College, three into Claremont McKenna College, one each into Wellesley College, Brandeis University, Grinnell College, Denison University and Mount Holyoke College, and two into Sarah Lawrence College and Wesleyan University.


We’ve also had wonderful placements in top institutes which specialize in technology and the arts. Two students have been admitted into Central St Martin’s College of Art, London (no 1. in the UK), five into Georgia Institute of Technology, four into Florida Institute of Technology, four into Virginia Institute of Technology, two into the Illinois Institute of Technology, two into into the Rochester Institute of Technology, one into Les Roches International School of Hotel Management (Switzerland), one each into The Royal Scottish Academy of Music, The Savannah College of Art and Design, The School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and The Trinity College of Music (London). Whatever students’ interests may be, TISB helps them get into the very best specialist institutes around the world.


The Class of 2010 has also had phenomenal success in obtaining large scholarships. This year’s total (so far) of USD $3 million in scholarships exceeds all previous records by a very wide margin, making the class of 2010 the most successful scholarship winners in the history of the school! Some of the largest scholarships include:

  •  $176,000 for Jung in Yung from The School of the Arts Institute, Chicago
  • $175,000 for Dhivya Bharadwaj from Denison University
  • $149,200 for Dhivya Perumal from Brandeis University
  • $144,000 for Karthik Mangipudi from The University of Minnesota
  • $112,000 for Rohan Sharma from Iowa State University
  • $88,000 for Nayantara Jacob from Mount Holyoke College
  • $80,000 for Janani Ramachandran from George Washington University
  • $80,000 for Yashna Thapetta from Occidental College
  • $80,000 for Mahalakshmi Sudharshan from Florida Institute of Technology
  • $78,000 for Ashutosh Khetan from Babson College


The graduating class of 2010 has been amazingly successful in their college placements and they have wonderful futures ahead of them. The story is not over yet, since we have not heard yet from the Australian, Singaporean and Indian Universities, but I would like to congratulate every member of the class for their superb good fortune and also to thank all of the staff of TISB for their total dedication to making children’s and parents’ dreams come true year after year.

Best wishes,






Dr Matthew Sullivan

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