Kriti Saraf

Head Girl, IB Batch of 2009

I will always cherish my years at TISB as the most fruitful, enjoyable and fulfilling ones. TISB was an indispensable chapter in my life, which truly brought out the best in me. What I loved most about the school was the fact that I was able to do everything I wanted to and more, in terms of co-curricular activities, academic disciplines and sports. Whether it was singing in the choir, choreographing dances, making the yearbook, organising events, mastering new languages, or sprinting on sports day,TISB made it all possible! Time management was a key skill that I acquired during my time at TISB. I was able to strike a balance between academics and co-curricular activities.

The internationality and positivity on campus were inspiring to motivate free expression and learning. The passion and enthusiasm of our faculty was infectious and pushed us to give our best to our academics and coursework. The positive feedback and recognition of our hard work at regular intervals were a huge motivation to keep going and strive for more. TISB was a turning point in my life that helped mould me into a more balanced, confident and ambitious person. The discipline, IB curriculum, ties of friendship and the skills that I acquired at school will stand me in good stead for a lifetime.

I can confidently say that the life we lead at TISB gears us well for University life and prepares us for the hard work we need to put in. TISB ensures that its students are broad-minded, are leaders and are well above the crowd wherever they go!


(Graduated from University College London with BSc Economics (Hons))

We are thrilled to announce that 71.2% of our students gained A* - A grades in IGCSE with 7 students achieving a full complement of A* grades across all subjects.

TISB achieves its best IB results in its 18-year history.

A remarkable 5 students have achieved the maximum 45 points, and are also awarded with the sought after Chairman’s Scholarship of Rs 5 Lakhs each. A further 7 students scored 44 points. The percentage of students with 40 - 45 points is 40.33% with an overall average of 38 points.

It is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the teachers, the support of the families and boarding staff and most especially the hard work and effort of the students at TISB that we can now be so proud of this achievement.

Please do visit TISB at our next Open Morning, specifically for prospective Grade 11 students, on Saturday 1st December 2018, from 8.15am – 2pm.

Contact Mr Abad Irani or Miss Deepa Kandiah on for further details

We look forward to welcoming you to TISB.