Malini Jain

Malini Jain

Head of House, IB Batch of 2010.

It was when I was chosen to lead a caucus of thirty of the best and brightest students from all over the world that I realized the qualities that made me capable for such a post were the ones that were inculcated in me by TISB.
TISB is where I discovered that I had the potential to go beyond what I had previously considered my personal limits. Here, every day is an exciting day because I have an opportunity to experience something new. One of these new experiences is drama. I chose drama because I wanted to try something different from the norm. What I did not expect was to find a passion for drama within me. My appointment as the Head of House was another new experience for me. I learnt a great deal from this position of leadership which I am sure will serve me in good stead in the future. Today I am proud to be one of the office bearers of TISB thus giving me the opportunity to lead and to serve. Along with my other activities, the rigorous curriculum of IB has helped me learn how to multitask. TISB is a place of equality and diversity. Living in an international community prepares me to become a global citizen. I learnt to believe that I can make a difference in a greater international community.

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We are thrilled to announce that 71.2% of our students gained A* - A grades in IGCSE with 7 students achieving a full complement of A* grades across all subjects.

TISB achieves its best IB results in its 18-year history.

A remarkable 5 students have achieved the maximum 45 points, and are also awarded with the sought after Chairman’s Scholarship of Rs 5 Lakhs each. A further 7 students scored 44 points. The percentage of students with 40 - 45 points is 40.33% with an overall average of 38 points.

It is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the teachers, the support of the families and boarding staff and most especially the hard work and effort of the students at TISB that we can now be so proud of this achievement.

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