Tanvi Lal

Tanvi Lal, Head of Girls’ Boarding House, Class of 2012

One of the many wonderful things about TISB is that there are so many opportunities to get involved, whether it’s sports, event organisation, or leadership. Taking advantage of these opportunities has helped me so much for my college life, where I am able to do such activities and manage my time well.

I also must stress the quality of the teachers I had who prepared me very well for my IB exams. They knew exactly what was needed and were ready to help me whenever I needed them.

Going to a boarding school has also been extremely beneficial; it has made me much stronger as a person, more independent and confident.
I will not say that every day was sunshine and rainbows. Like every experience one will have, there were pluses and minuses. Given the chance to redo my high school however, I would still pick TISB every time!”