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TISBMUN has grown for its sixth session. It will simulate 10 refreshing committees with invigorating agendas. Every committee has been designed to offer a novel experience at TISBMUN this year.

Under the General Assembly, the Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA 1), United Nations Special Commission on Drugs and Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space will be simulated. Under the Specialized Agencies, the United Nations Security Council, the Historic United Nations Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the Rajya Sabah will be simulated. Also under Specialized Agencies is The European Commission, an innovative legal committee with only 8 delegates. Under Crisis Agencies, the Futuristic Military Staff Committee will be simulated, which will deliver an unparalleled crisis experience in true TISB style. A novel entry is the YCombinator crisis committee, which will be simulating the board of directors of a start up responding to crisis situations. Aside from these 9 committees, delegates are also encouraged to join the International Press Corps (IPC), where they will create crises, hold press conferences and create media capturing events of the conference.

Whether it is your first MUN conference or twentieth, TISBMUN certainly offers a rewarding MUN experience for every delegate.

General Assembly

Learn more about the committees at TISB MUN.

Specialized Agencies

Learn more about the committees at TISB MUN.

Crisis Committees

Learn more about the committees at TISB MUN.