By Registering for the TISBMUN Conference, you have agreed to adhere to the following


Terms and Conditions:

  • All Delegates must be dressed in Formal Business Attire for the entire Duration of the Conference. If a delegate’s attire is deemed inappropriate he/she will have to leave Committee Session and change his/her outfit. Clothes that reveal excessive bare skin or are otherwise revealing are deemed inappropriate.

  • All Delegates are expected to maintain proper attitude during the Conference while respecting fellow delegates’ Ideas, viewpoints and opinions.

  • All Delegates are expected to observe proper behaviour in their respective boarding houses as well. They are expected not to harass other residents in the Boarding Houses. The consequences of which will be expulsion from the conference.

  • The Conference follows a strict Policy of Zero Tolerance to Drugs or Alcohol of any kind. Any delegate found violating this will be immediately barred from further Committee Sessions and will be disqualified.

  • TISBMUN will not tolerate any instances of Harassment, Discrimination based on Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Caste, Creed, Religion, Nationality etc. Further if anyone feels that have encountered Harassment, especially sexual, or Discrimination, resulting in a hostile working environment, is to report the incident to the Secretary General or any Member of the Secretariat. To which the secretariat will take appropriate action after investigation.

  • All Delegates are expected to have submitted their Position Papers before the conference. Late Submissions will not be tolerated by the Secretariat.



Delegate Fee (if you are part of a school delegation) :            Rs. 1000/-

Delegate Fee (for individual delegates) :                                 Rs. 2000/-


There is no school/country delegation fee.

This fee includes lunch for all three days of the conference

You need to make an electronic transfer of the registration fee. Once you send us the transaction details, we will allot you your countries.

Outstation school delegations can stay on campus for the duration of the conference, provided they are accompanyed by their faculty advisor. To avail this please contact th faculty advisor: Mr Anand Jerome,


Please check the country matrix before submitting your application.

Please note that the European Commission is a double delegation committee.

Country Matrix


Apply Links:

For external individual delegates, click here

For school delegations, click here

For delegates applying from TISB, click here