The College Counselling department consists of nine College Counsellors who, together with the Head of University Guidance and College Counselling, work to ensure a smooth school-to-university transition. Each Counsellor is assigned approximately 15 students from each of Grade XI and Grade XII and will oversee their applications from start to finish.

As the students are introduced to the College Counselling programme, insights and unique information from the student’s academic and co-curricular areas of involvement and success provide a platform for students, parents and College Counsellors to work collaboratively to ensure a strong portfolio of university applications is created. This includes building students’ awareness of their priorities and how to assess and evaluate a university’s ethos and characteristics to develop informed and effective decision-making. The portfolio will typically include a range of options, from “dream” to “best fit” universities and colleges from around the globe, depending on the orientation and choices of the student. University success is achievable because our students are confident, articulate, well-taught and enjoy a high reputation for academic achievement. Indeed, their exam results are consistently outstanding year on year.

TISB students receive personalised guidance and benefit from experienced Counsellors with wide-ranging educational and work experience, as well as engagement with the various international college counselling networks world-wide, including an active membership of International ACAC (Association for College Admission Counselling).

A vibrant programme of university visits and visiting academics is well-established at TISB. It includes a diverse range of universities and colleges, allowing students the opportunity to interact directly with the university representatives and to question and explore the wealth of opportunities before them.

The very best universities around the world seek our students every year because our IB cohort is the largest and most successful in the Asia-Pacific region. Hundreds of university admissions directors visit the campus each year and our students gain places at the very finest institutions worldwide. Many students are also awarded lavish scholarships. Our experienced and committed College Counselors take students carefully through every aspect of the applications process and have a track record of success which is second to none in India.

Students are also carefully prepared in school time for the SAT tests in order to maximize the outcome. Many of our students have scored a perfect 800 in the SAT, a result which opens many doors.

“It is safe to say that TISB leaves nothing to chance in preparing students for their future careers.”

We are thrilled to announce that 71.2% of our students gained A* - A grades in IGCSE with 7 students achieving a full complement of A* grades across all subjects.

TISB achieves its best IB results in its 18-year history.

A remarkable 5 students have achieved the maximum 45 points, and are also awarded with the sought after Chairman’s Scholarship of Rs 5 Lakhs each. A further 7 students scored 44 points. The percentage of students with 40 - 45 points is 40.33% with an overall average of 38 points.

It is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the teachers, the support of the families and boarding staff and most especially the hard work and effort of the students at TISB that we can now be so proud of this achievement.

Please do visit TISB at our next Open Morning, specifically for prospective Grade 11 students, on Saturday 1st December 2018, from 8.15am – 2pm.

Contact Mr Abad Irani or Miss Deepa Kandiah on for further details

We look forward to welcoming you to TISB.